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Why SipSafe?

We are trying to build a better America, and starting with the water quality in our education system is just the beginning. Our goal is to increase water quality awareness and promote positive changes to our water supply through cooperation from city governments and informed citizens.


Water Awareness

Investing in cleaner water helps our kids to do better in school and reduces the risk of developmental issues. Let's not let our water quality issues get out of hand as they did in Flint, Michigan. An informed public equals a strong and healthy country.

We believe that information on water quality should be easily accessible everywhere. SipSafe's goal is to build apps for water authorities all over the country.

What's in Your Water?

SipSafe is currently tracking these 5 contaminants, but with your support we can track more. We are listening to our users and you can help make SipSafe even better.

Which contaminant would you like to track?


  • PbLead
  • HgMercury
  • RaRadium
  • AsArsenic
  • No3Nitrate